Smart Ways to Insure Your Holiday Rental Car

People who rent a car for the holidays can get the right insurance without paying too much if they follow a few simple steps.

First, renters should call their insurance agents or brokers to clarify what type of coverage they need, taking into account limitations and exclusions as well as special situations that may apply to anticipated travel plans.

For example:
•    If you drive an economy car most of the time, be sure to ask about additional coverage if you intend to rent a luxury vehicle while on vacation.
•    Make sure that you are covered when crossing state lines or renting a car in another country.
•    If you plan to share the driving, make sure everyone is equally covered before making a final determination about who will get behind the wheel of the rental car.

Renters should consider the pros and cons of all available options before making a final decision about rental car insurance.

While many credit cards claim to provide very affordable, or even free, rental car coverage, there are often major limitations and exclusions that should be fully understood.

Likewise, car rental companies provide insurance that tends to be quite costly, so read the fine print and find out how each plan supplements your own insurance to find the right balance between coverage and cost.