How Lifestyle Choices Affect Insurance Rates

It’s a well-known fact that individual choices can lead to increases or decreases in your life insurance premiums.

However, few people realize the full extent of how seemingly simple lifestyle decisions can dramatically impact policy rates. Of course, most people expect to see higher premiums if they smoke or use tobacco. But what about if they scuba dive?

Depending upon the underwriter, everything from healthy outdoor activities to high-risk situations such as substance abuse may double, triple or even quadruple life insurance premiums. Other common lifestyle situations that may impact premiums include:

Driving Record

Whether you feel the need for speed, enjoy taking a motorcycle out on the open road for weekends or made a bad decision to drive after drinking, chances are your individual driving record could have a major impact on premiums.

Recreational Pursuits

Skydiving, scuba diving, being a part-time pilot, racing a bike, skiing and even mountain climbing might be great ways to stay in shape but statistically speaking they tend to increase the odds of an accident or an early death.


It should come as no surprise that routine travel to high-risk areas – as opposed to relatively safe domestic destinations like Disney – is more likely to result in expensive life insurance premiums.

Smoking, Drinking and Other Vices

Although you might be willing to take your chances when it comes to smoking, drinking and other vices, the insurance underwriter isn’t usually as inclined.

But don’t assume it’s impossible to obtain great rates even if you engage in less than healthy habits.

Depending upon frequency and duration of particular habits and other individual situations, life insurance agents are often able to provide very cost-effective and affordable life insurance quotes.