Why Savvy Travelers Are Buying Medevac Plans

Medical evacuation insurance may not be at the top of your priority list when traveling, but for a growing number of people it’s fast becoming a “must-have” item.

Also known as a “medevac plan,” this once relatively unknown form of insurance is no longer relegated to the jet-set crowd. Globe-trotting baby boomers, international sporting enthusiasts and even business executives who routinely travel overseas are increasingly concerned about the ability to return home for medical treatment.

Medevac plans fill a much-needed gap in coverage by providing emergency services such as air evacuation, long -distance ambulatory services and other necessary medical transportation.

The insurance should not be confused with traditional travel policies. In fact, most travel insurance specifically excludes medical evacuation insurance, which may result in undue financial distress to travelers who experience a serious injury or illness while out of the country.

Transportation to medical facilities can be quite expensive, especially in situations that require specialized technology, nursing assistance or other care. It’s not merely a question of obtaining a new airline ticket. Highly trained medical staff and extensive safety procedures may be required to transport a patient back home in time to obtain treatment. Language barriers, out-of-the-way locations and lack of local assistance may also complicate an already bad situation.

By obtaining medical evacuation insurance, international travelers can have peace of mind in knowing help is just a phone call away. Multilingual support, specially trained pilots and clinical staff are available throughout the world at any time of day or night.