Save Dollars and Heartaches with a Home Inspection

There’s nothing quite as much fun as spending money to furnish your new home.

Unless it’s that feeling of satisfaction that comes with a careful inspection by an accredited home inspector certifying your dream home is in great condition. It makes good insurance sense as well.

Your home inspection can be a money saver all around, so here are some suggestions to make the most of it.

A home inspection gives you insight into the history of your potential purchase, providing a record of previous repairs and identifying problems. Consider asking for extra tests of electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems; they may cost more, but it’s usually worth it.

While every home has problems that can be easily fixed, your inspection may identify serious problems: leaks, bad DIY repairs, electrical problems and fire hazards. In these cases, you’ll be glad you found out.

Fixing these could add thousands of dollars to your costs, but by not identifying potential problems you could be in even more difficulty.

You can avoid higher insurance premiums or more stringent mortgage terms by identifying – and dealing with – all the potential problems up front.

Effectively, a home inspection may wind up paying for itself in costs you can avoid. And by identifying problems before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll have a stronger negotiating stance with sellers – they will either have to fix the problems or reduce the price.

Even better: You may now have the extra cash to furnish your dream home.