Accident Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind

Accidents can happen anytime to anyone. Whether it’s a broken bone or a bee sting, sometimes the unexpected medical costs can be more shocking than the actual accident. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. While major medical insurance will cover most accident treatments, every insurance policy has exclusions.

How can you fill the gaps caused by those exclusions? Through accident insurance – an affordable policy that can assist you with excluded expenses and unexpected costs during recovery.

But accident insurance has other benefits. These include:

Income replacement

If you’re hurt and can’t work, you won’t receive a paycheck unless the accident happened on the job. Even if you have savings, this can create significant problems.

Accident insurance can replace your income if you’re injured, or if you must take time off work to care for an injured family member.

You can use this money just like your regular paycheck, but here’s the real bonus: it’s tax free!

Coverage for non-medical expenses

Your medical insurance will help with most major medical costs, but when you’re injured, every aspect of your life is affected.

With accident insurance, you can get cash to cover non-medical expenses like extra childcare and/or educational expenses, hospital parking and meals.


Your plan can be tailored to your needs. For example, children are covered under family plans and most policies don’t have age or claim penalties. Individual plans are also available, and depending on your occupation and risk level, coverage can be extended to cover additional medical and non-medical expenses.

Priceless peace of mind

There are many accident insurance policies available – all with different benefits. Discuss your needs with your advisor, who will be able to help you select the policy for you. And, while accident insurance has all the benefits noted above, it’s most important benefit is peace of mind – which is priceless.