All About Insuring Pop-up Campers and Motorhomes

Summer is finally here. What sunshine-filled adventures do you have planned? Maybe they involve tents, towable pop-up campers, or luxurious motorized vehicles. You’re ready, but are you properly insured? Here are some factors to consider before wandering into the great outdoors:

Tents or gear: Your car is covered under your auto insurance policy, but the policy typically doesn’t provide coverage for personal belongings. If your tent and/or camping gear is damaged in an accident, fire or storm, auto insurance won’t cover your losses. That said, these summer essentials can be covered under renters or homeowners insurance.

Motorhomes: Motorhomes need to have the same minimum liability coverage required for any vehicle. Since risk of serious injury is greater due to a motorhome’s size, it is highly recommended you carry liability limits higher than state minimums. For physical damage to the motorhome, you’ll need comprehensive and collision coverage, just like any vehicle. Unlike standard auto policies, most insurers will provide contents coverage on motorhome policies.

Towable pop-up campers: Whenever you pull something with your vehicle, the vehicle’s liability coverage extends to the item you’re pulling. Since the risk of injury to others or property damage is higher if you’re pulling a camper, opt for the highest liability limits available.

Note that this coverage is for liability only. Physical damage coverage isn’t extended from your vehicle’s policy to whatever you’re pulling. To cover damage to your pull-behind, add specific comprehensive and collision coverage for it.