Grinch Protection: Wrap Up Your Home This Season

Grinches aren’t always scary green creatures in caves. Sometimes they are masked men who pick locks and carry away all your presents in their sleighs.

Take steps to stop the Grinches this season. With the proper precautions, you can protect your home and ensure your holiday stays bright. Consider the following:

Chimneys aren’t the only access: Some people develop a habit of leaving patio doors unlocked or propping open apartment-building doors. Keep doors and windows locked. It’s also good to check window hardware regularly to verify it’s secure.

Make a list and check it twice: Create an inventory of your personal property. Be sure to include items you have purchased as gifts. This will allow you to know what’s missing in the case of a burglary.

Santa isn’t the only one who needs landing lights: You do, too. Dark, vacant houses make prime targets for thieves. Leave lights on or set a timer, to give the impression someone is home.

Don’t advertise your trip to the North Pole: Will you be traveling? Keep that under wraps. If you announce on social media that your home is empty, the wrong kind of elf might find out and decide your house is prime for pilfering.

Santa’s not yet in the building: Wait until Christmas Eve to put out your gifts. This avoids putting them on display for potential thieves.

Protect presents: If you’re expecting a package but won’t be home, arrange with the company to have it left at a local shipping center or placed in an inconspicuous area. Even better, ask a neighbor to take it in for you.

Holiday peace: Unfortunately, no matter how much you prepare, a theft could still occur. But you can have peace of mind by investing in homeowners or renters insurance. These policies will help you recover your cheer if the Grinches steal it.

Have a cheery holiday!