Why Are My Bags in Bermuda, When I’m in Kansas?

It’s every traveler’s nightmare. You’re standing at the baggage carousel … waiting … and waiting. The bag you cleverly marked with a red bandana never shows up. With a sigh, you find someone in a uniform and explain your sad situation. After much research, you discover your bags have hitched a ride somewhere else, and the airline hopes to return them to you “before long.”

Meanwhile, you have a vacation to take, or relatives to visit, or meetings to attend. At the very least, you’ll need a toothbrush and a change of clothes. But the airline will reimburse you, right? Well, sort of. It may take months for an airline to declare your luggage lost; they rarely pay adequately and they always depreciate the value of your items. Plus, they may reimburse you in travel vouchers. Not cash. With these facts in mind, you may want to consider travel baggage insurance, which offers several benefits:

  • Baggage-delay insurance provides compensation for essential emergency items while the airline searches for and returns your luggage.
  • Luggage insurance can be helpful if the value of your items exceeds the limits of the airline’s coverage. Contact your airline or check their website to view their policies.
  • Lost-luggage coverage provides protection during your flight, at your hotel, and anywhere else on your trip. It even includes souvenirs. While homeowners or renters policies may offer coverage for your possessions, it may be limited.

So, before your next trip, talk to your insurance provider to determine what travel baggage insurance is right for you.