Have Small Water Problems? Don’t Pass on the Plumber

Did you know water damage is one of the top hazards for small businesses? It makes up 15 percent of small-business claims. It can be expensive – and a huge hassle.

Fortunately, you can take steps to avoid water damage. Use the following tips to keep your plumbing running smoothly:

Landscape with care: Your business may look nicer with a beautiful tree out front or lovely bushes along the building, but make these improvements carefully. Don’t plant vegetation where roots will interfere with water lines. Plan where you plant to avoid sprinkler systems, pipes, and other water systems.

Gut those gutters: Your gutters are an important part of your building. When clogged, they can’t keep moisture away from your foundation like they should. Keep these essential features clean and clear. This will keep drainage flowing properly and help protect your building from exterior water damage.

Watch the water bill: With so many things on your plate, it might be easy to miss a slowly creeping water bill. However, if your bill keeps increasing, this could indicate a leak. Contact a professional for an inspection to prevent further damage.

Call the pros: It might be tempting to ignore “small” plumbing issues, or try to repair them yourself. A clogged drain might be temporarily cleared with the use of chemicals. A troublesome toilet can be fixed with a simple jiggle. The problem is, the annoyance is probably a sign of a bigger issue. If it persists, have it checked out by a plumber to ensure you deal with the entire problem.