Just Married? ‘Insure’ Your Future and Live Happily Ever After

If you tied the knot this summer, congratulations!

Marriage changes things forever, including your insurance needs. If you’re a newlywed, ensure you consider these issues now for a happily-ever-after future.

Multiple policies: As you combine your households, do the same for your insurance coverage. Most couples have separate policies, often with different companies. Combine multiple auto and home policies with one carrier to receive a multiline discount. It’s likely you’ll also qualify for a discount simply because you’re married. (It turns out marital bliss isn’t the only benefit to getting hitched.)

New home: Whether you’re moving into his place or her place or buying a new home together, now is a good time to review your homeowners coverage. A new location may mean new perils. Consult with your agent to make sure you include coverage for location-specific perils, such as hurricanes. Also important: discuss with your spouse whether you want replacement cost or actual cash value coverage.

Spouse discounts: Is your newly beloved a member of an alumni or another organization? If so, your household may now be eligible for a discount. Check with your agent to discover any savings available.

Policy limits: Review your homeowners policy to ensure you have the right protection for your personal belongings. Your household possessions may have just doubled, so your policy should have a sufficiently high limit to cover the increase. You may also now need a special rider for high-value items; make sure coverage is adequate for newly acquired gifts, and, naturally, those wedding rings!