Prepare Your Commercial Property for the Fall Season

Summer is ending, and the season change is a good time to review key items on or around your commercial property. Keeping tabs on these items each fall will help you avoid claims year-round. For healthy maintenance of your property, don’t head into storm season without checking:

The roof. Summer storms often cause roof damage. If it’s minor, it can go unnoticed – for now. But if missed, that minor damage can become a large problem over the winter. Take the opportunity to stop trouble before it starts. Give your roof a thorough inspection for potential problems down the road, then take care of any issues right now.

The HVAC system. Regardless of your heating needs, fall is a good time to check your HVAC system. In warmer climates, your AC probably had a good workout this past summer; it’s wise to ensure your system is still going strong as you end the season. For those in chillier regions, a professional tune-up will ensure you’re ready for the coming winter.

The trees. Is it trim time? Trees promote energy efficiency and add natural beauty to your property, but they should be properly pruned to remain healthy and safe. Look for any potential property damage or safety concerns. Did spring and summer growth bring limbs too close to roofs, windows, or power lines? Do your trees have any dead limbs that should be removed? Improve their structural integrity (and their aesthetic appeal) by trimming them each fall.

And be prepared. Now you can face fall.