Don’t Let Disaster Close Your Doors Forever

Have you thought about how a natural disaster could send your business plans on a drastic detour? These events can cripple a small business, and many find it difficult to recover. Reopening your doors requires strategic effort. Use the following tips to weather the storm and successfully rejoin the marketplace post-disaster.

Contact the team: Communication is key after a disaster. Confirm that everyone is safe, and then determine if anyone is able to report to work. Remain in frequent communication with your team about the status of the business and plans to move forward.

Claim the loss: Before you begin cleaning or restoration, contact your insurance provider. Start the claims process as soon as possible. Consult with your agent to determine whether you can begin repairs or whether you should wait for authorization to ensure coverage.

Relocate the business: Determine whether you will be able to reopen in the same location or whether you need to find a new home for your business. If your location is temporarily unusable after the disaster, but you can’t afford to shut down completely, look for an interim solution. Consider offering services to another company in exchange for space for your temporary operations.

Restore the records: As you clean up from the disaster, save all files you can recover. Make repairs to salvage as much as possible, and request fresh copies of any records you cannot recover.

Assess the safety: Before bringing any employees back on-site, take proper precautions with signage and caution tape to mark any areas that remain hazardous.