Taking a Cruise? Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can cover a variety of situations, from minor inconveniences to major disasters. Coverage may include trip cancellations, missed connections, accommodations while awaiting new connections, lost passports, and arrangements to get home after a medical emergency.

Taking a cruise, however, means considering a few unique things that can go wrong.

Off-ship excursions top the list for reasons to obtain cruise travel insurance. For example, in Cozumel, Mexico, a cruise beach party included a water slide into the ocean. However, the excursion failed to post warnings about the water depth. One man dove off the seawall and suffered serious spinal injuries.

Even if you aren’t planning any daredevil excursions, you never know what might happen. Make sure your cruise travel insurance includes emergency medical coverage as well as the trip home to receive care.

In other situations, you may need cruise travel insurance to cover evacuation from the ship to a hospital during a serious illness. You may also need to find local medical help if you suffer an injury in a foreign city. A travel policy can help locate international medical help when it’s needed.

With these potential needs in mind, you may want to make travel insurance a priority for your next cruise.

As you choose a policy, ensure that your cruise travel insurance covers the following:

Early return home, for any reason.

Shipboard disruption, such as a fire, mechanical breakdown, or virus that affects a large number of passengers.

Excursion refund, in case the cruise itinerary changes due to weather or another emergency.

Missed connection, to cover the cost of rejoining your ship should you miss your onboarding.

Ship-to-shore, to get you off the ship and to a hospital if your condition calls for evacuation.

It is always best to buy your travel insurance from a health insurance agent you know rather than online. We offer a variety of travel policies and can guide you toward the one that best suits your travel plans.