Medicare Advantage Plans Gaining Popularity

In the past fifteen years, Medicare Advantage (MA) plan enrollment has increased. According to the Kaiser Foundation, over 22 million people enrolled in an MA plan in 2019, up from 5.3 million in 2004.

However, that is only 34 percent of Medicare beneficiaries. What is limiting MA enrollment?

Many of today’s Medicare beneficiaries do not understand the rich benefits offered by MA plans. For example, did you know that a number of MA plans now provide home services that help keep seniors at home and reduce hospital readmissions? That means coverage under your MA plan may include home services like light housekeeping, shopping, nutrition assistance, transportation to medical providers, and other services provided by non-skilled home aides.

MA plans may cover catastrophic cost protection, dental checkups, vision services, and free gym memberships. While some plans limit provider choices, most offer a wide range of providers in all medical specialties.

Overall, satisfaction with MA plans grows. Experts predict that 50 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries will enroll in a MA plan by 2025, with others predicting 70 percent beneficiary enrollment by 2050.

Today’s MA plan administrators work closely with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to improve healthcare access, better manage chronic medical conditions, and prevent hospital readmissions. CMS is switching to value-based care from fee-for-service (FFS) models. In FFS models, the medical provider may benefit from scheduling more visits and procedures, which may not create better medical outcomes.

In contrast, value-based care strives for better medical outcomes, rather than reimbursing based on the number of visits. As MA plan providers embrace this model, your care under MA plans will improve. According to experts at, other types of plans may not improve benefits for Medicare beneficiaries.

If you currently have another plan or no plan, call us to discuss the advantages of MA.