Make Sure You’re Prepared for Travel When the Time Is Right

Americans love to travel. Most have family scattered throughout the US and abroad. The pandemic has cramped vacation plans, unfortunately. From cruises to flying, travelers are taking a cautious approach, while airlines are updating their safety policies.

With this increased focus on safety, when is the time right to plan again? First, watch for the State Department to lift its warning against international travel. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will post an “all clear” when the State Department lifts its coronavirus restrictions.

For your safety, consider masks and other protective equipment, such as gloves and antibacterial lotions. Travel insurance will be another important element in travel safety. Some policies let you cancel for any reason, while others are more restrictive. Viral outbreaks are typically not a reason for travel cancellation, according to travel experts. However, many other problems can cause you to cancel: for example, your illness, bad weather, or terrorism.

Buying travel insurance online is risky. You rarely see the policy and its exclusions before you buy. Working with a licensed travel insurance agent will help you buy travel insurance that fits your needs and helps you understand coverage limitations. For example, travel insurance usually includes medical care and evacuation or repatriation in emergency scenarios. Most travel policies offer helpline advisors who can find a healthcare provider if you’re abroad.

Dollar for dollar, travel insurance is the best investment you can make to safeguard your trip and your health. Contact us for information before you plan that next trip, whether stateside or abroad.