Protect Your Home with These Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

With summer in full swing, we think about the joys of warm weather and BBQs but not always about the possibility of home fires, which can cause severe damage. Below are just a few fire safety and prevention tips that can keep your home and family safe to help ensure the worst never happens.

Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Few preventative methods are as effective as battery-powered smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at alerting you to a true emergency. For the hearing impaired, alarms with bright flashing lights are a necessary purchase.

Have a fire extinguisher at the ready. Most fires that occur in homes do not start out as five-alarm blazes. From kitchen fires to mishaps in the garage, having a fire extinguisher nearby can mean the difference between a burnt stovetop or workspace and the loss of your home and property.

Invest in a home fire sprinkler system. For fires that accelerate quickly, a home fire sprinkler system can quickly spring into action and douse the affected areas with water in order to control the spread of the fire and protect your loved ones.

Check your home for fire hazards. Oftentimes, simply checking your home for fire hazards makes a crucial difference in the likelihood of a fire occurring. Old or frayed cords, extension cords that are overloaded, decaying or corroded batteries, and other hazards are easy to take care of before they cause a fire in your home.

Make sure your family has a fire preparedness plan. Speak to your children about fire safety, plan ways to exit rooms, and determine a meeting place outside your home should a fire occur.

When thinking about how to protect your home from a fire and the lengthy recovery process, reach out to our office so you can be sure you have the best insurance coverage possible and have covered all your bases so that you and your family are fire ready.