Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Landscaping Mishaps?

It was a bright, sunny, peaceful day. The birds were chirping and minding their own business when Tim, the neighbor’s son and a nervous new driver, drove smack-dab through the middle of your front lawn during his driving lesson. Is this unfortunate mishap covered by homeowners insurance?

Generally, yes, a standard homeowners insurance policy will cover another person’s vehicle driving into your landscaping. However, you shouldn’t expect your entire landscaping costs to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Usually, you will first have to meet your deductible. You probably can’t expect the full amount of damage to be paid to you. Additionally, there are sometimes limits on how much an insurance policy will pay per tree or shrub or limits are placed on recovery from landscaping as a percentage of the total protection on your dwelling.

While your homeowners insurance policy is good protection against any sort of freak accident that happens to your landscaping (such as a car plowing into it, fire, lightning or vandals), your policy likely won’t cover more predictable happenings such as typically heavy winds or hail common to your area. Damage caused by weather and pests often isn’t covered by homeowners insurance.

If you’re truly invested in your landscaping, you might want to consider expanding your coverage for peace of mind. Call or email us, and we can review what protection you’re currently offering your plants and, if you’d like more, pair you with the coverage that is the best fit for you. We are always here to help.