I Can See Clearly Now: Choosing a Top Cataract Surgeon

Cataracts are an opaque or cloudy loss of lens transparency in the eyes that we likely will experience as we age. However, cataracts can begin to form as early as age 40. If cataracts begin to affect our night vision while driving or otherwise impair our ability to see, then it’s probably time to consider cataract surgery.

How to Choose the Right Surgeon

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right ophthalmologist.

1. Ask your friends. If you live in a retirement community, many of your friends will have undergone cataract surgery. Ask them what provider they used, and then ensure that your insurance covers that physician. If you’re on Medicare, see if your chosen provider accepts Medicare assignment.

2. Ask your optometrist. Optometrists can diagnose and treat eye conditions, but ophthalmologists are the medical professionals that perform cataract surgery. Ask your optometrist to suggest an ophthalmologist, and then choose one that is board certified with a successful surgical track record.

3. Once you have a few names, read their Google reviews. Healthgrades is another review site for doctors. While reviews of doctors can be inconsistent, you’ll still find opinions about how well the office functions.

Ready, Set, Choose

Once you have the names of several eye surgeons with histories of successful cataract surgeries, how do you choose? Call their offices and ask if they offer free consultations. Do they promptly answer the phone? This is one key indicator of how their office treats patients, both before and after surgery.