Safe Driving Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Passengers

Keeping yourself and your passengers safe is always your priority when you drive. Below are a few tips to help protect yourself and your passengers every time you get behind the wheel.

Concentrate on driving. Whether it’s due to changing the radio station, talking to other passengers, or texting on your cell phone, distracted driving can cause a crash or worse. Always be sure to concentrate on the task at hand and not get distracted.

Practice defensive driving. Not every driver is as careful as you are out there, and some are careless, distracted or reckless, with no regard for other people’s safety. Make sure to always know what drivers around you seem to be doing, keep a cushion (two seconds in good weather, four seconds in bad weather) between you and the car in front of you, and never believe that another driver will act in a way that is responsible and will help you.

Create a safe driving plan. Know where you’re going. Create a plan that includes time for rest stops; cell phone breaks to check in with family and any detours that might arise as the result of highway or road construction. Don’t eat while you’re driving.

Be safe inside your vehicle. Don’t try to pick up items that may have rolled under your seat. Have needed items, such as toll cards and garage passes, within reach. Secure cargo so it doesn’t shift while you drive.

Keeping you, your family and your vehicle safe is of utmost importance. Call us to review your auto coverage and policies so we can ensure you are protected.