What Is and Isn’t Covered if Your Home is Overrun by Animals

Animals can be cute, cuddly and great companions. However, animals, whether wild or domesticated, can also be a threat and damage your home in ways that leave you wondering who will pay for the problems you now have to solve. Below are a few examples of what is and isn’t covered if your home is overrun by animals.

Destruction. Most insurance policies won’t cover the destruction of personal property by animals, so your vintage book collection isn’t reimbursable. However, if an animal damages a door or window, for example, your insurance policy may kick in, given that the property itself was damaged.

Infestation. Rodents, vermin, bugs and other creepy crawlies are unwelcome in your home, and while an exterminator can make quick work of an infestation, your insurance policy probably does not cover the elimination of these pests. It also most likely won’t cover any damage caused by these unwanted guests. However, each policy is different, so you should consult your individual policy terms.

Liability. When your pet decides to act out and take it out on your favorite chair by chewing on it, your insurance policy won’t cover Fido’s misbehavior. However, if you take your dog over to your boss’s home and he eats their furniture, your insurance policy’s liability coverage will likely kick in.

If you have concerns about potential animal-related damages, call or email us. We can review your policies and decide what coverage is best for you.