Before You Buy Auto Insurance, Ask These 6 Questions

You need coverage for your car. How much coverage do you need, and what kind of insurance should you ask for? You should ask the questions below to help determine the best insurance coverage for you.

When? How many times a week and where do you drive your car? Your policy must be appropriate for the regular use of the vehicle.

What? What kind of vehicle do you drive? The make, year, model and purpose of your car affect the price of insurance. Some types of cars require unique policies, while others may be more suited to safety discounts due to their records or reputations.

Who? Are you the only one driving the car? What about family members? If you share the vehicle with anyone, including family, they’ll need to be on your insurance policy.

Where? Do you park your vehicle at home, on the street or in a garage? Is the weather where you live sunny and calm or rainy and inclement? Think about potential damage and other risks when you choose your policy.

Why? What is your purpose for obtaining coverage? Is it to fulfill legal requirements? Do you have a lease that requires specific coverage? Do you want to keep your car in perfect condition?

How? How can you pay for auto insurance? Think about all the payment options. Consider a higher deductible to bring down your monthly payment.

Contact our office today to review your options and determine the best coverage for you, your financial situation and your vehicle.