Part D Medicare – Do I Need This Coverage?

Medicare Part D drug coverage is an important benefit for today’s seniors. Part D helps cover prescription medications your doctor may prescribe. “I’m not on any medications,” you may think, “so why should I buy Part D?” Even if you’re not on a medication today, a flu bug or sudden serious illness may require a prescription drug.

The Medicare website explains there are two ways to obtain Part D coverage. You can add a Medicare drug plan if you have Part A and Part B coverage. Alternatively, Medicare Advantage plans may offer more comprehensive drug coverage in their plans. Always compare the options before choosing.

While doctors often prescribe generics when available, a single prescription can be expensive. Many generic equivalents don’t appear for up to 20 years after the introduction of a new drug. Generics may be inferior in some cases. Some doctors will not prescribe certain generics, finding the original patented drugs more beneficial for their patients.

Even if you currently take no medications, consider this: You’ve been feeling bad and visit your doctor. After a battery of tests, she discovers you have gallstones. Your doctor prescribes a drug that costs $473 per tablet. Multiply $473 by the 90 prescribed tablets per month, and the medication becomes unaffordable for all but the most affluent. With a Part D plan, your coverage would greatly reduce this drug cost and help you better manage your symptoms.

Choosing a Part D plan is an important decision. While many Medicare Advantage plans offer Part D as part of their offerings, “going it alone” online or through a toll-free phone number can leave you with a plan that’s not right for you. Or you may select a plan that excludes the drugs you take.

Don’t make this important choice alone. Our experienced health agents understand the importance of prescription drug coverage. Call us today for more information.