Choosing Just the Right Coverage for Your Business

Insurance coverage is rarely an exact science for many people. They have an idea about how much is too much and how little is too little, but few know what is just right. Depending on the size of your business, you might need varying levels of coverage.

Home-Based Businesses

Many businesses start out of a garage or home office with little thought about insurance coverage outside the homeowner’s insurance policy. However, this policy may not provide all the protection needed. Discuss the operations of your business with us so we can help determine whether you need additional limits or a commercial policy.

Small Business

A small business, that is, one that has less than $5 million in revenue and employs fewer than 100 people, probably qualifies for a BOP, a business owner’s policy that combines several policies. These policies include liability protection, property insurance and business interruption insurance. These can be customized depending on your business’s needs.

Medium to Large Businesses

Medium and large businesses have different needs than home-based businesses and small businesses. You may be able to combine property and liability coverage, but you may also need additional coverage for equipment or multiple locations. We can review the specifics of your business to customize a policy that is just right for your company’s needs. Large businesses often have risk management staff to assess risks and develop plans to minimize them. We can help with this task, too.

Whatever size business you have, we can help customize your coverage to ensure your company has the right protection.