Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist in Light of COVID-19?

Is your dentist still seeing patients? Whether dental practices have closed shop or are seeing patients only on an emergency basis depends on the dental office.

Early in the pandemic, some dental practices closed, as ordered by their states. However, as early as May 2020, many dental practices began to reopen, either for emergency services or for all routine and elective procedures. The American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now recommend each dental practice evaluate its specific risk, given the area’s COVID-19 situation. According to the CDC, “Dental settings should balance the need to provide necessary services while minimizing risk to patients and dental healthcare personnel.”

Many people are avoiding dental care unless they are in pain, delaying routine visits like cleanings and semiannual checkups. If you decide to visit your dentist, here are a few things you should expect from your dental practice.

Your dentist’s staff should contact you prior to your visit to determine whether you’ve traveled outside the country or experienced any COVID-like symptoms.

Your dentist will probably ask you to come alone. If you’re disabled or have difficulty walking, ask your dentist to make an exception. It’s better to ask than risk falling on your way into or out of your dentist’s office. Alternatively, a staff member should be able to assist you into and out of your vehicle.

Be sure to wear a mask. The practice should have removed all magazines, but don’t touch anything once inside.

It’s not a bad idea to ask your dentist what additional precautions they may be taking and whether they’ve had any COVID-19 infection issues within their practice.

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