How Landscaping Can Lower Your Premiums

You can add beauty and value to your property with properly maintained landscaping, while poorly maintained or neglected landscaping can decrease both. Landscaping can have the same effect on your premiums. Here are some ways landscaping can lower premiums.

Trim your trees. Cutting and trimming your trees can lower your insurance premiums by reducing the risk to your property and others around you. Branches that are too close to your home can destroy roofs, damage siding and break windows. Dead branches pose a risk if they fall. They could cause property damage or personal injury.

Stop burglars. Landscaping can lower risk and thus potentially lower your insurance premiums by being a well-placed barrier to entry to your home. Trees or bushes in the right place, such as in front of easily accessible windows or other entry points, can serve as an effective barrier to thieves. Eliminate hiding places by keeping large bushes and trees neatly trimmed.

Watch the water. Landscaping can help lower your insurance premiums by acting as an effective barrier to floods and water damage. Place the right amount and kind of landscaping (such as trees, flowers and grass that crave and absorb water) so it does not reach any part of the structure and cause water damage that can then take thousands of dollars and months to repair. Avoiding such risks can potentially lower your homeowners insurance premium. Similarly, make sure the land is graded properly so that water can drain from it. Think about drainage, or better yet, consult with a professional with experience in land grading whenever you add or remove landscaping to protect your property from disaster.

Contacting our office today can help you make the right decisions so your landscaping choices not only improve the outside of your home but makes sense for your bottom line as well.