5 Tips to Keep Your Car Safe and Protected

With summer here and remote “weekend getaways” on the rise, it’s important to remember that even the quaintest of towns experience crime. Prevent a crime that can happen within mere seconds by taking a few of your own to quickly double-check that your car is tucked in for the night, safe and secure:

Lock it down. While it might be tempting to leave your windows cracked on a hot day, make sure that your windows are completely rolled up and the doors are locked. Don’t forget the sunroof, too.

Hide valuables. As a general rule, never leave your valuables in the car. Hide sunglasses, electronics and any other “shiny objects” in your glove box or center console. Purses and shopping bags should always be tucked away in the trunk. Always take your garage door remote inside with you.

Park smart. Keep visibility in mind when selecting your parking spot. Parking on well-lit streets and under bright street lights is always ideal.

Anti-theft devices. Car alarms are the best deterrent. Consider the addition of a tracking device, such as LoJack® or OnStar®, which could also qualify you for an extra discount on your auto insurance.

Minimize appeal. Overall, the best way to keep your car safe and protected is to lower the appeal of what treasures could be inside and to make it more difficult, risky and noisy for a thief to gain access to your vehicle.

Let’s have a check-up to review other safety tips and see what discounts we can discover for your policy.