Here’s What to Expect During the Claims Process

When the “unexpected” has happened (e.g., a fire, storm, fallen tree or burst pipe has damaged your property), you’ll be glad to know you’ve selected a trusted insurance agent who genuinely cares for the complexities of your homeowners insurance policy. Here’s what to expect during the claims process after the initial dust has settled.

Document. Take detailed photos of the damage. Pro tip: periodically document your home and valuables with photos or videos.

Claim intake. Make the call to initiate your claim. Your insurance provider will collect general information regarding what happened and what is damaged. Remember to ask this person for the following key information: claim number, your adjuster’s contact information and next steps with a tangible timeline for follow up.

Remediation specialist. Remediation companies clean up the mess and often later become the contractors who make any repairs. This is why it’s critical to hire a reputable company; be sure to ask us for recommendations.

The adjuster. The adjuster or other representative will visit your home, take photos and ask detailed questions. These details help compose the official report, including the determined “cause of loss.”

Determining coverage. The “cause of loss” in comparison to the terms of your policy determines what percentage of your claim is covered by insurance. Policy limits are also important to review to ensure that you have adequate coverage. We’d be happy to discuss your current policy to make sure that in the midst of tragedy, you won’t experience the added disaster of subpar coverage.

Make you “whole” again. Your insurance provider then pays to replace or repair covered items or property, either paid directly to you or to service providers. If major repairs are required, your policy should include additional living expenses and lodging while work is being done.

When disaster strikes, we become more than just insurance agents. We’re here with you, from beginning to end, to help you reclaim some peace of mind and get you “back to normal” as quickly as possible.