Is Your Commercial Property Ready for the Fall?

Any change of season is a good time to review your commercial property to ensure it’s in tip-top shape, and fall is no exception. Here are five things to check before the weather cools.

Is your roof ready? Spring and summer storms often cause roof damage, and even minor damage can become a large problem over the winter. Inspect your roof and take care of any problems now.

Is your HVAC system in shape? Regardless of your climate, fall is a good time to check your HVAC system, heat and air conditioning to ensure your system is strong as you enter fall.

Are your trees trimmed? No one wants a tree on (or through) the roof, which is a risk in all climates. Be sure to properly prune your trees to remove dead or drooping limbs.

Are you prepared for floods? While most heavy rains come in the spring and summer, it’s a good idea to keep on top of potential flood problems year-round.

Are you susceptible to a critter infestation? As the weather cools, mice and other critters seek shelter from the cold. If they have a way in, they’ll get in. That creates safety hazards (think chewed wires) and health hazards (think disease). Check for and repair access points.

While getting your property ready for the fall may seem cumbersome, it’s important to plan ahead for your success. Give us a call today to see how we can support you on your journey!