Do Your Gifts Include Jewelry? Here’s How to Protect Them

Holidays bring a flurry of fun, food and festivities. Holidays also bring gifts, big and small, including jewelry. When we are wrapped up in the holiday spirit, we may forget to check on our insurance coverage for these baubles. Here’s a quick guide.

Do you need it?

Point blank, it covers you against losses if your jewelry is lost or stolen. You may be able to add a few pieces of jewelry on your home insurance, so check with us, but if you have an array of items you want to insure, you can add a jewelry rider to your insurance.

How does it work?

Although insurance can never replace the sentimental value, it can provide for the estimated worth of your items. You may need to have your pieces appraised by a professional, especially if they are antique. If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, you must file a police report, and then the claim can be investigated.

Can jewelry be covered by homeowners insurance?

The short answer is yes, because jewelry is a personal belonging. However, we recommend checking with us, as your policy may have a coverage limit. If your jewelry is worth a significant amount of money, you may have to purchase extra insurance. There are also different variations of coverage to consider, such as mysterious disappearances and replacement costs.

Whether you need to add a jewelry rider onto your insurance or you just need some help deciding, call or email us today. We can assist you in choosing what’s best for you.