First Time Buyer’s Guide to Health Insurance

With open enrollment just around the corner, are you considering buying health insurance for the first time? You continue to be healthy, but these last few years have made you rethink whether the cost of coverage is worth the peace of mind. Here are three things you should think about during this decision process.

Should I select the least expensive plan? There are many different levels of coverage. If you prefer a lower monthly cost, then selecting a plan with a higher deductible could be the route to go. If you see the doctor more than a few times a year or require additional services, such as lab work, then a plan with a fixed office visit co-pay or flexible coinsurance percentages and a lower maximum out of pocket might be worth the additional premium cost.

Are there particular health care providers I want to see? Even if you consider yourself healthy, there may be doctors you would prefer to see if you do need care. Not all networks of doctors are the same, so you will want to know whether your doctor will be in network or out of network when considering your plan choice. If your doctor is a specialist, do you want the flexibility of seeing them without a referral?

Does my employer offer health insurance? If you work for a company that offers health insurance, find out when their open enrollment period begins. Compare their plans and rates to the offerings you are considering. Typically, a group plan can be less expensive than purchasing coverage on your own based on their group rates.

We all get caught up with too many things to do during these busy holiday times. Call or email us so we can eliminate one item on that to-do list and take the stress out of insurance decision-making.