Is It Worth It to Get Travel Insurance?

Are you looking at traveling this summer? When you begin to look at all the options and opportunities, is travel insurance something you need? Let us dive into some reasons why it might be worth including in your travel budget.

What is travel insurance? It is a very popular way to protect the investment you made in your travel plans. Imagine your trip is just around the corner, an emergency occurs, and your plans need to change or get cancelled. With travel insurance, you have support for making these changes or assistance in filing claims for reimbursement.

Are there benefits of having travel insurance? You have arrived at your destination but your luggage did not. Now what? Travel insurance can help here. You are not feeling well and have healthcare needs. Travel insurance can provide you with emergency healthcare services, which may include evacuation. When needs arise, there is customer service assistance 24 hours a day.

When should I purchase travel insurance? You have spent time researching your perfect travel destination. Your itinerary is in place and your confirmations have been received. You envision yourself sitting in the sun with a good book, but wait. We have learned from experience that plans can change in an instant. Now is the time to protect your investment by considering adding travel insurance.

Where do I go to purchase travel insurance? Do you have an insurance professional who educates you on your personal or business insurance needs? They are a good place to start. Otherwise, a travel professional may be able to review options while booking your travel. Some credit card providers also include some level of travel coverage.

If you are traveling, call or email us today. We can go over travel insurance options and information with you and help you make a decision that works best for you.