Discussing Health Insurance Options with Your Parents

Do you know whether your parents have taken steps to protect themselves when and if their health were to decline? When you need to step in, are you ready to have these difficult discussions? Let us review when and where to begin.

When should I begin this discussion? With 60 being the new 50, casually begin this conversation sooner than you might expect. Maybe they are dealing with their own aging parents or have friends dealing with healthcare decisions. This is a good lead into the discussion about their future wishes.

Break down these conversations into a few sessions. Communicate your desire to get educated right along beside them. Thinking about life and death can be difficult. Many parents prefer to keep their financial situation private. Be sensitive to their privacy and tread lightly. Ask them if they have an area where they would like to start this educational journey.

Ask open-ended questions. “What would I need to know if your health were to change drastically?” “Do you like your doctors, and are all your needs being met with little or no cost?” “If you were unable to speak for yourself, do you have a health directive to communicate your desires?” “Where are these important documents located?”

What is the purpose of speaking with a professional? Just as our life changes on a regular basis, so do the various options available in the health and life insurance arenas. A licensed professional should be someone you trust who is willing to evaluate your unique situation and offer options that might best meet your individual needs. Seek someone who listens and provides the time to answer all your questions.

We are here to assist as you have these conversations, and we are just a phone call away. We can be that resource to discuss all the various options.