Are Electronic Door Locks Right for You?

Gone are the days of forgetting your keys. Smart locks with fingerprints, WiFi and Bluetooth systems are reimagining the way we view home safety, but are they really safe? Do they add value to your home? Are they really more secure? We’re here to dispel some myths and weigh out the pros and cons.

Are you a techphobe or a tech know-it-all?

If you struggle with each new update to your cell phone, a smart lock probably isn’t the right thing for you. If, however, you like to keep up to date with new gadgets and are the go-to call when friends are struggling to install their printers, go for it!

Do they add value?

The short answer: yes and no. They add marketability: potential buyers will want to ask about them and most likely consider them an attention grabber that they’ll remember. However, they don’t add that much more security. Burglars will most likely enter a home through forcing a door or window. In fact, camera surveillance is a much better deterrent.

What are the options?

Biometric: recognizes your fingerprints.

Key fob: similar to many offices, unlock your front door when within proximity of your pocketed fob.

Smart phone: that’s right, unlock your door from your phone! Just make sure you keep it fully charged.

Surveillance lock: code operated, takes a picture of who opens the door and can be synced with the surveillance system.

If you’re unsure whether your locking system affects your insurance policy, get in touch. We’ll help you figure it out.