Traveling? Here’s a Quick Guide to Medical Travel Insurance

Are you planning a fall trip to see family or friends? How about a holiday cruise? Should you consider travel insurance for any unexpected emergencies? Let us review a few things to keep in mind as you review your travel budget.

What is the advantage of travel medical insurance? Peace of mind. When you are seeking additional supplemental coverage, travel medical insurance can help fill in those gaps for unexpected needs. This may save you money out of pocket in an emergency. Why not focus on enjoying your trip?

I have medical insurance, so isn’t that enough? Many health insurance policies cover you while you are in network and within the United States. Medical emergencies are just that: emergencies. You don’t want to worry about where you need to go, if you are covered and what your cost will be when seeking help.

Is travel medical insurance expensive? The truth is no. Typically policies can be found for under $100. Prices will vary based on the length of your trip and whether your policy has a deductible before coverage begins.

What would be considered an emergency? An emergency can be something as simple as a broken bone, but it could also mean a heart attack or stroke. You may need emergency transport. These are services you do not want to pay for out of pocket.

When seeking a trusted partner for your domestic or international travel medical trip protection, we are just a phone call away so you can focus on your vacation.