Did You Get the Most out of Your Health Insurance This Year?

As we begin to hear about insurance changes for the coming year, this is a good time to review your policy. Make sure you are getting the most out of your plan and you are happy with your doctors. Are there some benefits you failed to use?

Review your summary of benefits.

Every health policy has a summary of benefits. This document will detail the specific benefits of your plan. This is a key piece of information as you evaluate your options for the coming year. If another copy is needed, contact the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card.

Are you happy with your primary care doctor?

Did you feel like you could never get an appointment? If you did get an appointment, did you feel you were given the time you needed to discuss your health concerns? Having a doctor who knows you and your family history allows them to make any added test recommendations based on your unique needs. When you are not happy, the new year could be an opportunity for a change.

Did I get my annual physical this year?

The majority of health insurance policies allow for an annual physical. These visits not only give your doctor a baseline on how you are doing, but they are also a time to discuss any existing conditions or age-related recommended tests.

Start your review now before you are caught up in the holidays. If you need assistance with evaluating plan options and understanding which benefits might be best for you, we are a phone call away.