The Pros and Cons of Installing Bars on Your Windows

Bars on the windows might scream “prison” to some people, but they can actually be a really good way to protect your home. Adding protection like this has its pros and cons.

Are they right for me?

Not only are bars inexpensive, but they are also a great home security addition. Do you have a high burglary rate in your neighborhood? Are your windows accessible to passersby and easy to reach? Does your area have a Neighborhood Watch program? It’s also good to consider whether the look of having bars on your windows is something you mind.

What are window safety bars?

The short of it is: short metal grids that attach to your windows. They can be screwed on or bolted to the outside to prevent anyone breaking in. Nowadays, you can also opt for a stylish option. Many security bars are made with design patterns to add a special look to your home as well as being a safety option. It’s also possible to get removable bars you can slip into place at night or when going away to deter burglars. Of course, this option may be less reliable than permanent bars.

Why they work

Aside from being a physical barrier, they are also a psychological one. They deter potential thieves because the effort of breaking into a home with bars would be too difficult.

What are the cons?

The main con of security bars on the windows are that they are an eyesore. If you opt for permanent bars, it may devalue your home or make it harder to sell. If you have outward-opening windows, it may also restrict your view.

If you are wondering what the effect of security bars would be on your insurance, call or email us. We’d be happy to help.