3 Tips for De-Stressing This Holiday Season

Despite the cheer that descends on us during the holidays, the sheer amount of planning, socializing and entertaining involved can actually be a recipe for high stress levels if not managed properly. These days, it’s becoming more widely known just how much our levels of stress can actually affect our physical health, so to stay in tip-top condition, here are a few tips for reducing your holiday anxiety.

Plan things in advance. Medical professionals at Mayo Clinic have actually concluded that organizing your holiday plans early can help reduce stress-related issues. Put specific days in the diary for getting your shopping done or seeing friends and family, set clear budgets for spending and have your food menu ready to go so you can manage the emotional output these things require.

Get plenty of time outdoors. Even though it’s colder at this time of year, it’s important to still get out into the sun when you can. Exposure to sunlight boosts serotonin, the hormone related to body functions such as sleep and digestion. It also raises levels of vitamin D, which plays a strong part in healthy bones and reducing depression. These types of natural boosts to our bodies are vital in staving off the winter blues.

Don’t give up your good habits. It might be tempting to take a break from your daily run or weekly yoga class over the holiday period. Try to resist that temptation and instead stay on any wellness regimes you have. They’re habits that improve both your physical and mental health all year round, so it’s worth keeping them going in order to keep yourself healthy and happy across the holidays.

If your health insurance policy is piling on extra stress this year, give us a call and let us help ease your burden.