How Insurance Protects You from Holiday Shenanigans

The holidays are a stressful time around the home. There’s gift wrapping, cooking big meals and, of course, family and friends coming to visit. Not being protected from any accidents that might happen at this time is an extra stress you don’t need. Here’s how insurance protects you from holiday shenanigans.

Let’s say you have family over and the eggnog has been poured. Everyone is feeling merry, and your uncle decides to show you his party trick, which ends up in a nasty fall and a broken leg. Since he broke his leg in your house, is it your responsibility to pay for the medical bills? Good news: if your homeowners policy has liability insurance, you’re covered. In fact, this policy covers all sorts of accidents and incidents that can happen around your home, including food poisoning, your dog biting a partygoer and an array of other trips and slips.

What else does your home insurance cover? Well, say you’re driving around town picking up gifts for your friends and family when all of a sudden, you hear the back window smash, and someone steals the contents of your back seat. Although this is a terrible thing to occur, this would be covered by your homeowners (or renters) insurance as “personal property off premises” coverage.

Protection from theft doesn’t end at your car, either. Let’s say you have a party and the new person at work comes along with a plus one. They wander through your home and have a root through your personal items, taking a few pieces of jewelry. Your trust may be broken, but your insurance will cover the theft, depending on your deductible. Remember, if you are letting strangers into your home, it’s safer to lock valuables away.

If you’re unsure what circumstances your insurance will cover, call or email us.