How to use insurance newsletters to win more clients, plus other free info.

I cannot envision not having a newsletter!

The monthly newsletter has become one of our best sources for new business. It has created that trusted advisor aspect we wanted and has made people gain confidence in choosing their coverage. - Patty Wagner, MAS Insurance, CO

They hit reply and placed an order!

Just recently, a large ORDER came in directly from the newsletter. They actually used the newsletter email to click REPLY and place an order. - Chris Swanson, Walcott, CT

Boosted my business

Using the amazing stories and adding photos to my newsletter has boosted my business dramatically. I could not stop using the newsletters to go in my marketing! So beneficial! - Sheri Brown

I’m thought of as an expert

I am thought of as an expert, someone who they can come to for advice. Totally different. - Tom Larsen Insurance, NY

Passionate about helping you prosper

If you send out a newsletter on a regular, monthly basis, I promise you that you will be in the top 10 percent of all the insurance pros in your industry, and it’s my passion to help as many insurance agents and brokers as I can reach that position.

Insurance newsletters you can edit as much as you want

Ready-made print and email insurance newsletters you can change 100% to make them as unique as you are.

See what our insurance clients do

We love all our clients, but we have special affection for those who do really great stuff with their newsletters!

Sit back and enjoy these newsletter videos

Simon Payn explains why he's passionate about newsletters – and how he can help you build profitable relationships with your clients.

What we’re all about

And why not all insurance newsletters are the same. Simon Payn explains.